Auto Detailing Packages

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Compact - Small Cars

This includes most 2 door cars and cars similar to Audi TT, Civic Coupe, Mini Cooper

Large Size SUV, Mini Vans & Pickups

For example: Quest, Sienna, Odyssey, Lexus GX, Pilot,
Explorer, F150 4 door cab

Mid - Large Cars

Most 4 door cars. For example: BMW 3,5,7 series, Camry, Civic


For example: Yukon/Tahoe, Expedition, Navigator,
Sequoia, Hummers, Excursions

PIckup Truck

Small SUV & Pickups

Forester, Escape, BMW X3, PT Cruiser

PIckup Truck

Oversized Vehicles

Sprinters, Work Vans, etc

Mid Size SUV & Pickups

Highlander, BMW X5, Murano, Edge, Nitro, F150 X-cab

Additional Services

Services such as engine detailing, removing window tint and more!

Marine Services

Boats, Jet Skis & More


Sport bikes to Cruisers