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(10 or more Cars, Limos, Taxis, Trucks etc.)

Saving You Time and Money
With Auto Perfection, we come to you complete with chemicals, which saves your business money by eliminating extra fuel consumption and the need to pay drivers extra wages to take your vehicles to a car wash. Our auto detailers can do it all! Contact us today for further information on our fleet services.

Exterior Fleet Wash

  • Full exterior hand-wash
  • Rims and white wall cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior windows & mirrors cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed

Exterior Fleet Wash and Wax

  • Complete exterior wash
  • Hi-Gloss wax and buff

Detail Menu:

Complete Detail

  • Complete hand-wash, compound polish & wax
  • Carpets and floor mats vacuumed, scrubbed & shampooed
  • Engine compartment cleaned & polished


  • Remove tint
  • Remove pin strip
  • Remove over spray
  • Remove tar, bug, paint
  • Wet sand scratches
  • Interior cleaning